Important dialogue-Important dialogue list

Important dialogues list

Important dialogue-Important dialogue list

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1. Write a dialogue between two friends on benefits of early rising.

Zafi : Hello Zafi! How’re you?

Rafi : I’m fine. You?

Zafi : I’m fine too. What time do you get up in the morning?

Rafi : I usually get up from bed at around 9 o'clock. I watch TV and sleep late. 

Zafi : I see. You should rise early and get the benefits of early rising.

Rafi : What are the benefits of early rising?

Zafi : Don't you know the proverb: "Early to bed and early to rise make a man healthy, wealthy and wise"?

Rafi : Will it help me to become punctual (সময়নিষ্ঠ) in class?

Zafi : If you get up early in the morning, you will get much time to learn your lessons, have breakfast, complete your homework, have bath and meal and then start for school and reach ahead of time. 

Rafi : Yes, you are right. I can understand that by getting up early in the morning, I can make the best use of my time.

Zafi : Exactly! Besides, an early riser can work more and earn more to add to his income. 

Rafi : You’re right. I was in the dark. However, I’ll start getting up early in the morning from tomorrow.

Zafi : It’s certainly a wise decision. Thank you.

Rafi : You’re most welcome. I really appreciate (মূল্যায়ন করা) your suggestion.

2. Write a dialogue between Riad and Zihad about importance of physical exercise.

Riad : Hi Zihad, how’re you?

Zihad : I’m fine. And you?

Riad : I’m also fine. Where are you coming from in this early morning?

Zihad : Why? Don’t you know that I take physical exercise regularly in the open field?

Riad : Physical exercise! I simply know that it is good for health. Would you tell me about it in detail?

Zihad : Of course, physical exercise helps us to grow properly. It eases (সহজ করা) the movement of the limbs (দেহের অঙ্গ) of our body. It also makes us physically strong and fit for work.

Riad : Really! Any more benefits?

Zihad : Yes, it improves blood circulation (সংবহন) and increases digestion (হজম).

Riad : Then it’s really a good habit. But how can I start exercise? I have no equipment. Can you suggest any?

Zihad : Oh, it’s not essential. There are many forms of physical exercise. Initially (প্রারম্ভিক ভাবে), you can do many free-hand exercises like walking, running, jogging and so on.

Riad : Would you help me start exercising?

Zihad : How can I help you?

Riad : Every morning you will take me with you to the field, ok?

Zihad : Ok.

Riad : Bye! See you.

Zihad : Bye.

3. Write a dialogue about uses and abuses of cell/mobile phone.

Sweety : Hello, Farzana! How’re you?

Farzana : I’m fine and what about you?

Sweety : I’m fine too. It’s long time since I met you last.

Farzana : But we keep constant contact (যোগাযোগ করা) over the mobile phone.

Sweety : Yes, this mobile phone has become a very important factor in our life. We cannot do without it for a single day.

Farjana : Right. It has reduced (হ্রাস করা) uncertainty, anxious waiting and painful suspense (উদ্বেগ). In fact, it has made our life easy and comfortable.

Sweety : And it has made our global communication dynamic and faster.

Farzana : But it has some disadvantages too.

Sweety : Right you are. It causes brain tumor, genetic damage and many other incurable diseases.

Farzana : Yes. During conversation, the blood pressure may get high and the red blood cells may get affected.

Sweety : It’s also dangerous for the children and pregnant women.

Farzana : The criminals are also carrying out their operations with the help of it.

Sweety : Besides, it causes a lot of harm to the teenagers. They can easily contact with their so called boy-friends in season and out of season (মৌসুম).

Farzana : All these are very true. Though we are getting immense benefits from it, we should use it with care and caution to avoid its demerits.

Sweety : Thank you.

Farzana : Welcome.

4. Write a dialogue between two friends about their plan after SSC examination.

Myself    : Hello, how’re you?

My friend : Fine. What about you? 

Myself     : I’m also fine. What’re you going to do after SSC exam?

My friend : After SSC exam I want to go to Chittagong. Please tell me about your plan.

Myself       : I’ve a good plan after SSC examination.

My friend : May I know about that?

Myself         : Sure. Why not? After SSC examination, I’ll go to my native village and make an arrangement for teaching my nearby villagers. 

My friend : Why? Are they illiterate and unable to read and write?

Myself         : Yes, friend. They’re illiterate.

My friend : What will you teach them?

Myself         : First, I’ll teach them how to read and write.

My friend : It’s really difficult to teach the illiterate people reading and writing. But I think you’ll be able to do this because you’ve the quality.   

Myself         : Thank you very much for encouraging me. And will you not tell me why are you going to Chittagong?

My friend : Oh, yes. My uncle lives there. I’d like to pay a visit to Cox’s Bazar with the family of my uncle.

Myself         : Hope you can fulfill your desire.  

My friend : I also pray and hope that you’ll be able to succeed in your purpose.

Myself         : Ok, bye. See you next time.

My friend : Bye.

5. Write a dialogue between two friends on coming/ensuing (আসন্ন) examination.

Or, A dialogue between two friends about the preparation for the exam.

Sabbir : Good evening, Shishir!

Shishir : Good evening! How’re you?

Sabbir : I’m fine but feeling a little bit nervous. What about you?

Shishir : I’m also fine. Why do you feel nervous? 

Sabbir : I’m afraid of the examination.

Shishir : Haven’t you completed your studies?

Sabbir : I’ve finished all the subjects but my preparation in English is not so well.

Shishir : Don’t worry. I’m sure you will be able to cover up. How is your preparation in Mathematics?

Sabbir : I’m afraid I may not do well in Math.

Shishir : Actually Math is difficult to all. You’ve sharp memory and you’ll do well. What about other subjects?

Sabbir : I’ve finished most of the subjects.

Shishir : Do you make your hand notes for all the subjects?

Sabbir : Actually, I do not get much time for making hand notes but I’ve tried my best.

Shishir : Do you collect any hand notes from your teachers and friends?

Sabbir : Yes, I’ve collected most of the hand notes from my class teachers and my friends also help me. 

Shishir : Really, you’ll get good marks in the exam.

Sabbir : Thank you friend for your inspiration (অনুপ্রেরণা).

Shishir It’s my pleasure. 

6. Write dialogue between two friends about the bad effects of smoking.

Kabir : Hello, Masum! How’re you?

Masum : I’m not well. I’ve been suffering from cough but what about you? 

Kabir : I’m fine, but you’ve become a chain smoker nowadays. Smoking may be one of the main causes of your sickness.

Masum : The doctor also said so. Moreover, he said that smoking might cause cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure and some other serious diseases.  

Kabir : The doctor said rightly. 

Masum : Besides, tobacco hinders (বাধা দেওয়া) the easy flow of blood. 

Kabir : Then why you’re not giving up smoking? Is there anything good in smoking?

Masum : No, nothing. 

Kabir : Remember that smoking affects not only the smokers but also the people around them. 

Masum : Right. It also causes financial loss. 

Kabir : If you thought seriously about its bad effects, you’d not smoke anymore. 

Masum : I tried to give it up, but I could not. 

Kabir : It is a lame excuse. Your will power is enough. It is a suicidal habit (প্রানঘাতি সভাব). 

Masum : Yes, I’ll give up smoking totally.

Kabir : Thank you for your wise decision. 

Masum : Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion.

7. Write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of learning English.

Rimi : Hello, Simi! How’re you?

Simi : Fine. What about you?

Rimi : Fine too. What’re you doing? 

Simi : I’m reading an article about the importance of learning English. 

Rimi : Nice! Actually English is essential in our every walk of life (জীবনের প্রতিটি ক্ষেত্রে). 

Simi :  Of course. It’s an international language. In this age of globalization, it plays an important role for communication. 

Rimi : But it’s unfortunate that we’re far away. 

Simi : Oh! It is really disgraceful (লজ্জাকর). This situation must be changed if we want to keep pace with the modern world. 

Rimi : Right. Our international relations and trade would be affected much if we do not learn English well. 

Simi : Without efficiency (দক্ষতা) in English, none can expect to receive higher studies as all the books on higher studies are written in English. 

Rimi : Yes, it’s only English that can help us to enter the storehouse of knowledge. 

Simi :  Absolutely. 

Rimi : A sound command over English is a prerequisite (পূর্ব শর্ত) for good job and good salary. 

Simi :  Right you are. 

Rimi : In fact, the importance of learning this language cannot be described in words. We must study and practice English seriously. Thank you.

Simi : You’re most welcome. Good bye. 

8. Write a dialogue between yourself and your friend about “Eve-teasing”.

Topu : How are you? Where are you going?

Apu :  Fairly well and I am going to take my sister from her school.

Topu :  Why? Can’t she come alone?

Apu :  Yes, she can but some boys tease her on the way.

Topu :  It is a great problem and it is increasing day by day.

Apu : You know that our girls and women are teased in schools, colleges, buses, trains, restaurants even in offices. Why is it occurring (ঘটছে)?

Topu : I think that modern technology is influencing their mentality. Because of satellite channels, the taste of the young people is being distorted (বিকৃত).

Apu : Drug addiction is also responsible for it and sometimes, eve-teasers throw acid and even kill the victims.

Topu : Not only that, frustration (হতাশা) failure in love, indifference to the religions teachings (ধর্মীয় শিক্ষা) and moral decay (ধংষ হওয়া) are also responsible for it.

Apu : Right you are. I think that they have lack of consciousness (সচেতনতা).

Topu : Even educated women are being teased by educated men. Certainly (নিশ্চিত ভাবে), it is nothing but moral (নৈতিক) degradation (অবক্ষয়). 

Apu : As it is a social disease, we should remove it from our society.

Topu : Consciousness can play a vital role (গুরুত্বপূর্ণ ভুমিকা) in this regard (ষিয়ে). People have to cultivate morality in themselves. Boys have to be well-natured (ভালো সভাবের).

Apu : Strict laws should be introduced and proper steps should be taken.

Topu : Actually, exemplary punishment (শাস্তি) can reduce eve-teasing.

Apu : Thanks for sharing your valuable ideas.

Topu : Thank you too.

Apu : See you again.

9. Write a dialogue between two friends on the impact of information technology on our education.

Rimon : Hello Razon! How are you? 

Razon : I'm fine. What about you? 

Rimon I'm fine too. I congratulate you on your brilliant result. Now tell me how did you make such a good result?  

Razon : Oh, I see! In fact, I study regularly. Besides I take support from the technology for the preparation. 

Rimon Strange indeed! How do you get support for study from the technology? 

Razon : I collect valuable notes and suggestions from the internet. There are also many lectures on different subjects. These help me do well in the examination.

Rimon : Really wonderful! You've done a great job! Now tell me about your future plan of studies.

Razon : I think I'll study Information Technology. But some of my friends advise me to study Fashion Designing.

Rimon It's true that Information Technology (IT) is in great demand now. But I think you should study in IT. The prospect of IT is bright now in home and abroad.  

Razon : I also think so. Knowledge of IT is essential to cope with the modern world. 

Rimon Of course. Knowledge of IT is a must to ensure Digital Bangladesh. 

Razon : It means you're also in favour of IT suggesting me to study on IT. 

Rimon Absolutely! I think IT will give you way to make good result as well as better career in future. 

Razon : Yes, you're right. 

Rimon Thank you very much. See you again. 

Razon : You're most welcome. Good bye. 

10. Write a dialogue between two friends about the importance of reading newspaper.

Nabil : Hello, Nasir! How’re you?

Nasir : I’m fine. What about you?

Nabil : I’m also fine. Where are you going?

Nasir : I’m going to buy a newspaper.

Nabil : Do you read newspaper regularly?

Nasir : Yes, it is an indispensable part (অপরিহার্য অংশ) of my daily life. Newspaper is a mirror of the world. 

Nabil : Of course. We get various types of news in a newspaper such as current affairs, trade and            commerce, literature, games and sports, etc. 

Nasir : You’re right. That’s why newspaper is called the store house of knowledge. Without reading it,     we cannot keep pace with the modern world. 

Nabil : Absolutely. Those who don’t read newspaper remain frogs of the well (ভালো).  

Nasir : Right you are. At the same time, newspapers are very helpful for our studies. Mere bookish knowledge is not sufficient.

Nabil But you should keep in mind that sometimes false news leads to many mishaps (দূর্ঘটনা).

Nasir : Of course. But there is nothing unmixed blessing (আশির্বাদ) in this world. We cannot deny the importance of reading newspaper in any way. 

Nabil : I support you. Which section of a newspaper do you like most? 

Nasir : I like the general knowledge section and literary articles. Which section do you like most? 

Nabil :I like the study page and editorial column most. Thank you very much. Good bye. 

Nasir :You’re welcome. Good bye.

11. Write a dialogue about the merits and demerits of Facebook.

Limon: Hi Himel! How are you?

Himel: I’m fine, whats about you?

Limon: I’m also fine. I’ve heard that you’ve opened a Facebook ID recently. Tell me if it’s true.

Himel: Yes Friends, you’re corect. This age is an age of globalization. Owing to the blessings of internet, the world has become a global village. So, I may have an ID on Facebook, mayn’t I?

Limon: Ok, you’re correct, but your aim should be positive and fair, It’s a social networking site which is being used as a powerful communication site. Since other sites are allowed to enter any ID of Facebook users, these sites can accomplish their business purposes. Besides, you can communicate with any people in the world but be cautious about communicating with unknown people.

Himel: What may be the harm if I communicate with unknown people?

Limon: Good question. You know the incidents that occurred in Ramu, Cox’s Bazar. A controversial photo was tagged as a result of which there was a great anarchy. Arab spring was spread through Facebook. Moreover, don’t be too much addicted to Facebook. It’ll hamper your study and change your mindset.

Himel: Thanks for your suggestions.

Limon: You should realize the fact that the evil is always attractive. And many guys of the third generation are fond of using porno sites which may derail them from the right path. I do believe that you’ll never deviate from the right path.

Himel: Thanks, Friend. May Allah save us. and I’m trying to careful about that


Write a dialogue between two friends about the uses and abuses of Facebook.

Espa:Hi Eqra, How’re you?

Eqra: Fine and you?

Espa: Well. What are you doing?

Eqra: I’m using Facebook.

Espa : What’s the main purpose of using Facebook?

Eqra : It’s one of the best medium for communication.

Espa : Why do you use Facebook?

Eqra : Because it gives me the opportunity to share my ideas, feelings, activities, interests with people.

Espa : Is there any other benefit?

Eqra : By creating a group, students can use Facebook for group study where they can share any information about projects, homework, assignments, exams etc.

Espa : Is there any disadvantage of using Facebook?

Eqra : Every social network has uses and abuses. Some disadvantages of Facebook are it makes eyesight weak, wastage of time, poor result, cyber crime etc.

Espa : Thanks for your information.

Eqra : You are most welcome.

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